Natural Homemade Foot Bath For Soft Smooth Feet

Have you been enjoying your day at the spa treatments?
If you happen to just get here take a look at how to make bath salts, homemade facial masks, homemade facial toner and awesome homemade body scrubs.
What better way to feel relaxed than to have a fabulous foot bath at the end of the day? As my body ages, my feet tend to get drier and drier. I thought this was just an old lady problem, and I don’t feel that old! I do want soft, smooth feet. I don’t think my husband wants to snuggle with sandpaper feet at night. So I came up with this fabulous foot bath recipe.
I am falling in love with coconut oil. It has astringent properties to aid in healthy feet. Not to mention a great gentle moisturizer for your feet and skin. We discussed the uses of Epsom salt and sea salt in previous articles. Peppermint essential oil is great to relax feet and tea tree essential oil has similar properties to coconut oil, but tea tree essential oil is much more concentrated. Just remember to use tea tree essential oil in small amounts. There can be be too much of a good thing.

Natural Homemade Foot Bath

Foot Bath

How to make a Fabulous Homemade Foot Bath:

1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil (My new favorite beauty care item)
1/4 Cup of bath Salts recipe (Link to previous post)

Directions for a Natural Homemade Foot Bath :

1. Find a relaxing spot. (This is probably the most difficult piece of this recipe).
2. Get a towel to dry your feet after they soak. I forget this most of the time, so I thought I should put it in as a step.
3. Get nice warm to hot water in a large container for your feet.
4. Put the 1/4 cup bath salts, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and tea tree essential oil in the container and mix thoroughly. The coconut oil should melt quickly.
5. Allow feet to soak for 20-30 minutes to have refreshed and moisturized feet.
Now you have natural homemade foot bath recipe to add to your natural beauty care. You could make this quickly every time or multiply the ingredients to make a larger foot bath batch to keep when ever you want to do a natural foot soak for yourself. Follow me on Pinterest for more simple beauty ideas and Like me on Facebook for more simple living ideas.
How often do you soak your feet?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my Natural and Free blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it! 🙂

    This looks like a great thing! Now if only I could find a relaxing spot to use it…. 😉

    Have a great end to your week!

  2. Following from the Favorite Things blog hop. This sounds like a wonderful and affordable treat. I think it would make a great gift, just add pretty packaging.

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