How to Make Natural Face Toner

I have a tween daughter.

As her body is changing into the wonderful women I know she will grow to be, her skin is changing too.

She has developed a little acne on her face, nothing too serious. She needs to keep her face clean more than just washing. I am trying to teach her the importance of hygiene to maintain not only her appearance, but her health. I wanted to find a way we could make our own natural face toner. I grew up using Sea Breeze for maintaining my skin. I wanted to find something I thought would be comparable for her skin. Her skin is a bit more oily than mine. So I have two recipes for natural face toner I would like to share with you depending on your skin type.

Witch Hazel is a great ingredient for a face toner, since it is a great astringent. An astringent is something that will shrink tissues, therefore it will shrink the pores on the face. I never knew that is what astringent meant. I thought astringent meant cleaner. Since this is the main purpose for an astringent you still need something that will clean your face. Tea Tree essential oil is known for its antiseptic qualities. Since only using a few drops it is a mild oil for the skin.

Do not use Tea Tree directly on the face.

Natural Face Toner

Natural Face Toner

How to Make Natural Face Toner:

10 tbsp. distilled water
2 tbsp. witch hazel (astringent)
3-5 drops tea tree essential oil (cleaner)
2 tbsp. alcohol (optional for oily skin)

Directions for Natural Face Toner:

1. Mix the above ingredients together and shake thoroughly to mix well. If you don’t have oily skin, you do not need to add the alcohol.

2. Pour a small amount on a cotton ball and rub face to cleanse and tone face. This is a simple natural face toner.

Continue your spa treatments with how to make facial masks at home, relax with bath salts, have radiant skin with a body scrub and take a relaxing foot bath. I love to learn what each ingredient is used for and what purpose and finding natural ingredients for skin care. Find more inspiration by following me on Pinterest for more natural beauty care ideas or follow me on Twitter for the latest updates on simple living.
Are you excited to learn more about how to take care of your skin with natural ingredients? 

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  4. I made this about 4-5 days ago and so far so good. I do feel like I am starting to see some results even if they are minimum. I just hate the tea tree oil smell

    • Thank you for letting me know. The Tea Tree is the best natural antibacterial oil for the face. Maybe you could add a little lavender to help with the Tea Tree smell.