Healthy Granola Caramel Brownie Bars

These Healthy Granola Caramel Brownie Bars are the best thing and considered mostly healthy. I can’t say these are completely healthy, but they are really close to healthy and really good. These awesome healthy granola bars were inspired by eating a Clif bar. I want to make my own healthy granola brownies. This was a hit with most of my family. One didn’t like crunchy brownies. I like crunchy anything!

Healthy Granola Caramel Brownie Bars

Healthy Granola Caramel Brownie Bars

Ingredients for Healthy Granola Caramel Brownie Bars:

1 box family size brownie mix

1 cup Oatmeal

1 Cup Nuts

1 Cup Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)

Yummy homemade yogurt

How to Make Healthy Granola Caramel Brownie Bars:

1. Open a family size box of brownies. You can make these from scratch if you want, but I wanted these to be easy.

2. Make according to the box directions except, use plain yogurt instead of oil. This adds protein and extra calcium just more nutrition. If you have a dairy allergy try using non dairy yogurt or apple sauce. I have not done this but these are great substitutes for oil.

3. Next add three cups of whatever. I added 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup pumpkin seeds and 1 cup sunflower seeds. If you don’t have a nut allergy in your home, I think pecans, walnuts, peanuts would make a great addition to these brownies.

4. Bake brownies according to box directions. I used a 13×9 in pan, since this was a family size box.

5. When these come out of the oven drizzle them with caramel sauce. Learn how to make caramel sauce using a slow cooker.

6. Cut the brownies lengthwise and then cut into bars. I think this made around 16 bars. This was a great snack that stuck around for a while, since it made so much. I was able to pack them for lunches and we enjoyed them for dessert after dinner.

I felt better about making these for my family, since these were more nutritional than just regular brownies. With the yogurt there is added calcium and the oatmeal adds fiber. The nuts & seeds are a great way to add a little extra protein to the snack too. These Healthy Granola Caramel Chocolate brownie bars were a huge hit at our house. Next time I might add a hint of cinnamon for a Mexican chocolate flavor or sprinkle the top with a little coconut. Try these other brownie recipes Chocolate Strawberry Brownies and Triple Decker Brownie Recipe.

Do you like to make recipes a little more healthy for your family? 

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