Inside Out Game to Get in Touch With Emotions (Board Game)

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I was excited when the Inside Out DVD movie was available for purchase. We all just loved this movie so, we rushed to our local Walmart store to buy the DVD to watch, and you should too! Inside Out DVD is available to purchase at Walmart as of 11/3. We were so excited to watch Inside Out, since we had a sneak peek back in May and didn’t get to see the end. I wanted to create a game for preschoolers up to teenagers to get in touch with their emotions to go along with the DVD movie.

Inside Out Game DVE Stand


How to Play Inside Out Game

Go to your local Walmart store and purchase the Tomy Inside Out figures to use as the game pieces. They can be found in the toy section, near the top shelf.

Inside Out Game Character

Take a look at the picture above to see where to find them. Get the one with Joy at the console to make the game more fun.

Inside Out Game board 1

Inside Out Game board 2

Emotions Key for Inside Out

Inside Out Game Instructions

  1. Print out the game board and Emotions key above. If you have the Console for Tomy toys, place it on the Console area of the board. The Emotions Key is to help those remember which emotion they need to show.
  2. Next find one die to play the game. I am sure you have one lying around the house somewhere.
  3. Let everyone choose which character they would like to be. We like to let the smallest choose first. Then go up in age order.
  4. Everyone starts at the START HERE yellow space.
  5. Roll the die to see how many spaces to move.
  6. Once the Inside Out character lands on a colored dot the child has to act out that emotion.
    1. For older children they have to name a scene from the movie Inside Out where the characters control Riley with that emotion.
  7. Who ever makes it to the end wins the game. As the Inside Out characters get close to the console they will start to glow.

Inside out Game with TOMY Characters

The Inside Out movie DVD has helped us as a family tremendously. This movie helps me talk to my teenager about all the emotions stirring up inside her right now. When she is upset I can tell her Sadness is at the control panel and Anger is right beside her. And sometimes she just needs to find her Joy, because I know she is in there somewhere. I am so thankful for having Inside Out as my crutch to help talk to her during these very emotional times.  It is something we can both relate to.

We enjoyed watching the movie together as family. I am not sure how they do it, but there is something in Inside Out for people of all ages. For my little six year old boy, his Joy is definitely in control full force. So much so we usually have to calm his Joy. But when Anger is there, you can see the fire coming out of his ears! Fear is there from time to time. Since he is a boy, I think his Disgust emotion is very small. Inside Out has helped us talk about his emotions so he can better understand his feelings.

I am so thankful for the Inside Out Tomy toys of all the characters for them to play with while they watch the movie.

How has Inside Out helped you talk to your children about their emotions?

I can’t wait to hear your stories

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