How to Make Tissue Kleenex Flowers With Kleenex Perfect Fit

When I walked in to Sam’s Club the other day and I saw these new Kleenex Perfect fit tissues in the front of the store I just had to get them. I love the bright colors and how small the containers were. There were nine tubes of Kleenex in the case and all I could think of was where I could put them to make my home more stylish. Thank you to Kleenex for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Kleenex Perfect Fit in my home!

How to make Kleenex Flowers

Kleenex should be in just about every room in the home. We all sneeze, right? Check out these fun new Kleenex Perfect Fit tubes available only at Sam’s Club to fit just about anywhere in your home. The colors are just fabulous, but I also wanted to add a little more style to where I placed these little cuties, so I decided to make tissue flowers and vases to go along side these colorful Kleenex boxes.

Supplies for Kleenex Tissue Flowers

Supplies for Tissue Flowers

Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues
Bobby pins
Colorful Markers

How to Make Tissue Flowers with Kleenex

Kleenex Tissues

1. Take three tissues and lay them on flat surface. Be sure to make all the corners and top are straight and even. Smooth out the Kleenex tissues to make them flat.

Folding Tissue Flowers

2. Starting at one end fold in an accordion style until the entire tissue is folded.

Bobby pin for tissue flowers

3. Place a bobby pin in the center of the accordion folded Kleenex to make the carnation.

Tearing Tissue Flower

4. Tear, cut points or half circle on both ends. After the ends are cut or torn, fold it in half to make sure the ends meet up. Keep adjusting the bobby pin until it is completely in the center. If not, the carnation looks really wonky. Trust me on this one.

Coloring tissue flowers

5. To add a pop of color to the flowers, place a marker on the tips of the Kleenex for a bit. Allow the marker color to bleed on the tips of the flower. Then you have a colorful bouquet of Kleenex carnations to add to any room.

How to make Tissue Flower

6. Carefully lift each layer and fold towards the center. Separate each layer of tissue to make a really full flower.

Kleenex Tissue Flower with Straw

7. Once the tissue flowers are complete place the bobby pin a in a green paper straw for the stem then place in a vase.

Kleenex Tissue Flowers Bedside

How easy was that? Placing Kleenex Perfect Fit along side these tissue flowers is a quick stylish way to add a little more color to any room.

How to make Tissue Flowers Kleenex

These would also make a fun gift for mom or anyone. I can’t wait to add an entire bouquet of Kleenex carnations to my dining room. Hurry and run to the Sam’s Club nearest you, since these Kleenex Perfect fit will only be around a short time.

What do you think about adding a little more color to your decor with Kleenex Perfect Fit?

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    • Thanks. When my mom and dad got married many years ago. There was not much money for flowers. So my aunt Clemmie made some very similar to this for my mom’s bouquet and her veil. I always asked my mom how they were made, since I was so fascinated with these flowers. I as super excited when I found out how to make these, I just had to share. I will post a picture of my mom in her wedding dress with the flowers as soon as I get it digitally.

  1. The tissues in the perfect fit Kleenex are smaller than regular tissues. What size did you use to make the flowers?

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  4. We made tons of these for our wedding. When i got married you decorated your car’s with these. I didn’t use the marker. Great idea.

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