How a Daily Gratitude Log Can Change Your Life – Free Printable

Showing gratitude is sometimes difficult.

It is a skill that I have to work at.

It is not because I am not grateful, but I don’t feel I show my gratitude enough to others.

What is a Gratitude Log

I use my bullet journal to keep my gratitude log. It is just a simple list of the days in a month and my daily thoughts for the day. Sometimes I just jot down what happened that day as a reminder. Other times I do write why I am grateful for that day. It is however you want to use it best.

How to set up a Gratitude Log

Gratitude log with washi tape

In the beginning of the month, one of the first page layouts in my bullet journal is a gratitude log. At the very top of the page write the month. Then start at the very bottom in the second column with the last day of the month and number going up until you reach 1. Then in the first column write the first letter of the day of the week. However, I have made it easy on you and created a free printable for you to download.

How to use a Gratitude Log

Gratitude log

Each day at the end of the day I write down my most memorable thought or what I am most grateful for that day. Going back and reading them is a joyful experience. I like to use that time as a reflection on how I handle those days and how I can improve.

Gratitude Log Free Printable

Download your copy of this gratitude log and print on letter size paper. Cut in half with the guide marks to stick in you journal. I have left a nice inside margin big enough to hold punch. Plus a free dot grid page.

Daily Living with a Gratitude Log

Maybe a gratitude log is not for you, and that is OK. I find it an entertaining way to record memories and find reasons to be grateful. A gratitude log is a way of reflecting on my best moments and my not so best moments. No matter how hard the day is there is always something to be grateful for.

I know feel I live with a more gracious heart, since I have started recording my gratitude daily. It brings attention and focus to being grateful for everyone and everything in this world. I keep this right next to my bullet journal habit tracker.

Gratitude Log Printable

How a Gratitude Log Can Change Your Life

Slowly you will see the world transform before your very eyes when you find ways to just be thankful for what you have. Don’t say I hate to do the dishes, be grateful you have dishes to do and a dishwasher to put them in and food to eat. Don’t hate doing the laundry, be grateful you have clothes and a washing machine to wash them.

See how these little things can really change the way you look at absolutely everything. The ordinary and mundane is not so ordinary, if you think of doing without those things and being gracious to have them.

How to get more

Visit my printables resource page for more bullet journal and planner printables. Visit my Etsy Shop for more downloadable stickers to help you create the bullet journal of your dreams.

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