Homemade Cleaning Products: Window Cleaner

I have searched for many homemade cleaning products recipes, and tried them out.

This is making homemade cleaning products week in my making it homemade series.

I will show you how to make homemade fabric softener, homemade laundry detergent and homemade room deodorizer.  I used products with chemicals, then decided I need to get rid of unnecessary chemicals in our lives. Cancer runs in my family, and it doesn’t seem to have a favorite organ or anything. From what I have read there is something that triggers the normal cells to mutate into something that grows and takes over your life. I don’t know about you, but this just doesn’t sound like a lot of fun getting rid of something I didn’t want in the first place. So I will give you a couple of recipes I have found and let you decide which one you want to use and for what purpose.  

Homemade Cleaning Products

Here is the recipe for the store bought stuff that starts with a “W”

Homemade cleaning products

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1/4 cup ammonia
1 cup rubbing alcohol
8 Cups Water
1/2 teaspoon dawn dishwashing soap
Spray Bottle <-like this one

Pour them in to the spray bottle and shake to mix up. I understand if you don’t want to use ammonia. Ammonia by itself really smells. You can see I bought the lemon scented. It doesn’t matter it still smells like pee. Ok lemon scented pee. Yuck. Ammonia is still a pretty harsh chemical. You can read more about ammonia from the department of health to find out why it is not safe. I bought it once and I haven’t used it again. It is not expensive for a bottle the size I bought.

Let’s suppose you don’t want the nasty chemical ammonia in your window cleaner. You can substitute vinegar for the ammonia to get the disinfecting qualities you are looking for in a window cleaner. Vinegar is used in most homemade cleaning products, so it is a good idea to have a lot on hand to make homemade cleaning products you plan on using. 

Non Ammonia Window CleanerHomemade window cleaner

1/4 cup vinegar 
1/2 cups rubbing alcohol
8 Cups Water
1/2 teaspoon dawn dishwashing soap
Spray Bottle <-like this one

Feel free to add some blue food coloring if you want the cleaners to have the same color as the other commercially sold window cleaner you normally buy at the store. Both of these recipes costs only pennies to make.  Some other recipes require you make a gallon of window cleaner. I don’t use that much at a time to make that much. This is a smaller recipe you can make a little more than two bottles. I like to have two bottles on hand, since I don’t want to stop and make more when I run out. I have a back up bottle and know I better put this on the list to make soon.

Do you have your own homemade cleaning products recipes you use? Do you have any with secret ingredients? I would love to hear how these worked for you. 

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  2. Your homemade windex recipe looks really interesting. I’ve been using 1 part vinegar to 1 part water and it has worked well but I’ll have to try your’s out. I also like to use newspaper instead of paper towels when cleaning mirrors. It works great! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I’ve tried various types of window cleaner and they always left smears and streaks. This recepie is THE BEST! i used mint rubbing alcohol (who knew that was out there?) And a tiny squirt of jet dry.
    I used a clean hand towel. Old with no softener. OMG my windows and mirrors havent looked this nice in ages!
    Im going to make some for my dad and sisters
    Thanks so much!

    • Thanks so much. I am glad you love it. Don’t keep this gem to yourself, share with your friends to let them know how much you love it! Thanks for your lovely comment. It really made my day.

  6. Tried it. It worked wonders. Saved me about $80.00 for a professional to do the job. Thanks a bunch.

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