Eco-Friendly Products from Grab Green

I was excited to try two new eco-friendly products from Grab Green. Both the laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent are packaged in a bag with individual pods to toss in for a load. For larger laundry loads, you may want to use two. I love the little pods, since there is no measuring. Just simply grab and go. Grab Green is made with organic and all natural ingredients and safe for people with sensitive skin. There is even a fragrance free version for those with allergies.

When choosing eco-friendly products, I like to make sure the packaging is also green. Grab Green uses post consumer resins in their packaging of their products. The little pods are made with a water soluble material that easily dissolves in water after a few minutes. No extra waste. If you are wondering where to purchase this product, there is a store locator on the Grab Green website for you to use. 

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco Friendly Products Grab Green

Eco-Friendly Products: Laundry Detergent

I was given six choices of eco-friendly products of laundry detergents to try. We had a lot of laundry yesterday, so I had fun getting the chance to use them all. I didn’t have any noticeable stains to test this week, which is a surprise with three kids. The laundry detergents have a 3-in-1 cleaning in each little pack: cleans, removes stains and enhances softness. Overall all of these cleaned as well as other detergents I use.

Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent

Fragrance Free
This is great for those with mild allergies or people who don’t like scented clothes and still want to use eco-friendly products. This was just a clean and fresh, soap smell. It cleaned well.

Delicate Laundry
I normally don’t run a delicate load, since I mainly wear comfortable clothes and the kids normally do not have anything delicate to wash. But I did have my daughter’s dress from the daddy daughter dance that needed to be cleaned. I used this on the dress to gently clean it from all the dancing she did.

Bleach Alternative
I used this in my whites to test to see if this would brighten up my clothes. My whites seemed to be brighter. I am glad to not use the harsh chemical bleach for bright white clothes.

I have never heard of this before, and I was anxious to see what it smelled like. This is like a grassy clean fresh scent. It made my laundry smell great. I would buy this one.

This was my favorite to use in my wash. It was not too flowery smelling the clothes came out clean. I loved smelling my clothes as they cam out of the washer.

I didn’t think my husband would want his clothes to smell like flowers. I used the Gardenia for my towels, and they smell great. I don’t think he would mind flower smelling towels.

Eco Friendly Products: Dishwashing detergent

I only had time to use two of these eco-friendly products. These also come in the little pods to plop in the dishwasher and several choices for scents. It was also a little hard to judge, since my dishwasher is going out. It doesn’t wash the dishes real well to begin with. We are getting a new one that is much quieter. Trust me I can’t wait!

Eco Friendly Dishwashing detergent

Red Pear
This was the first one I used, since I love the smell of pear. I have never used scented dishwashing detergent before and curious how I would like it. I was really able to notice the scent on the drying cycle. The pear was a nice crisp fresh smelling scent that filled my home. I opened the dishwasher to check the dishes. All my white dishes were clean. It says it has a spotless rinse aid, however I did notice a few spots on the glasses when I was done. This doesn’t bother me and I would still use this product.

This has a citrus smell and cleaned my white dishes great. I loved the citrus smell on the drying cycle.

These cute little pods are also available in fragrance free and Thyme. I opened and smelled the Thyme and it has a gentle grassy green smell. I can’t wait to try both of these. These clean as well as normal products I use.¬†Stay in touch by liking Grab Green on Facebook.

I want to thank Grab Green for sending me samples of these eco-friendly products to try. I would buy them for a greener, cleaner environment. Although I received free products, all the opinions expressed in the article are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.


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