Dry Idea Advanced Dry Deodorant Review & Giveaway

I am always a little skeptical about trying a new deodorant. Am I going to stay dry? How long will I stay dry? Will this actually work? First I used Dry Idea Advanced Dry when I knew I was going to be home most of the day, so I wouldn’t have to worry about any sweat spots under my arms. This first test was a success by the end of the day I was still dry.

Deodorant Review

Next I tried Dry Idea Advanced Dry while at yoga to really give the deodorant a true test. While I did work up a sweat, my underarms were still dry after my workout. It is kind of embarrassing to look in the mirror and see sweat spots under my arms. I am glad I didn’t see that this time. I don’t care if I am working out, I still don’t want to look that way.

I noticed on the bottle it said 72 hour protection. That is three days worth of protection. Wow with Dry Idea Advanced Dry you won’t need to use as much deodorant as you would with other brands. This is also pulse activated; just like the deodorant I normally use. That sounds great.

Overall I would use this deodorant again. I found it was very effective for me. I normally only use one deodorant, since it is the one that works the best. This Dry Idea seems a little more powerful to meet my active needs to keep up with me and my busy family.

Dry Idea is having their own giveaway where you can win $500, while 10 2nd place winners will receive a $50 prize! Just Click Dry Idea Giveaway to enter to win.

I am so excited Dry Idea women’s deodorant is allowing me to give away five, yes 5 coupons for a FREE bottle of Dry Idea deodorant for my readers to win. Simple complete the rafflecopter below for additional ways to support Pounds4Pennies in this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dry Idea supplied me with a sample bottle to test for this article. All opinions expressed are my own. I was only compensated with free deodorant no other compensation was given.


  1. crystal allen says

    yes i have changed deodorants and i only found one that i didn’t like and it was due to the scent and not the effectiveness.

  2. Lydia Harpe says

    Not really, I’ve always stuck with Secret…but I should be more open and I could probably find something I like more!

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