Flash Sales Website on Educational Products for Kids

Today I am bringing you a special Offer from Educents.com a flash sales website on Educational products for kids.

educational products for kids

Special Offer: Register now and receive a free $15 gift card to use when the site launches April 2, 2013.

An incredible deal! A flash-sales website, Educents.com fills a gap in the market by focusing solely on educational products for kids. Educents delivers your favorite educational products you NEED for your children NOW. Get incredible deals on handpicked, unique educational products for kids at an unbeatable value. This is what learners, educators and parents have been waiting for!

Educents is a family-owned business that was born out of the belief that everyone deserves access to affordable educational materials. A brother-sister pair watched their mother struggle to afford education and it was then they had the lightbulb for Educents. It is that passion that drives the company to find the best discounts for every family. (30-90% off!) Shouldn’t everyone have access to affordable education? Utilizing the ‘strength in numbers’ approach, Educents seeks to change the status quo of how educational materials will reach those wanting to learn.

Educents is an easy way to get huge discounts on the educational products for kids you know and love (and maybe even some you’ve never heard of!).

Educents is the only educational flash sale site that offers the latest learning materials at a discounted 30-90 % off!

Educational Products for Kids

1. study guides

2. Educational software

3. e-books

4. curriculum

5. learning tools and toys

6. videos and tutorials for all subjects

7. foreign language learning

8. adult programs

9. special needs

• And much, much more!

And the best part? Sign up today for a complimentary $15 gift card just for pre-registering! Want to learn more? Visit the launch page to learn about the family and what they’re doing to change the world of high-priced education. We’d love to share our educational obsession – Connect with us via our Blog, Twitter and Facebook or email: [email protected]

*This is a paid sponsored post.

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