Paper Origami Bookmark – Monster Bookmark

I am so excited to have a guest blogger today for a paper origami bookmark. She is around 11 years old and looks quite a bit like me. She enjoys crafts, canoeing and reading. She wrote this wonderful article about how to make a paper origami bookmark and took all the pictures. This was a fun writing and photography assignment for her this summer. She really enjoyed helping me out. I think next summer I may have some help! Ladies if you home school and need help with assignments and on your blog, just ask your kids to help!

Hey it’s little Miss here. Do you need a bookmark? Do you not know where to get them? Well then here is a fun and easy craft you can do to make an original paper origami bookmark.

Paper Origami Monster Bookmark

1 Square piece of paper (I used a 8X8 inch scrapbook paper)


Paper origami monster bookmark
1. Fold a square piece of paper in half to make a triangle

monster bookmark
2. Fold the left corner of the paper to the center corner of the paper.

monster paper origami bookmark
3. Do the same thing as step number 3 this time with the right corner of the paper

monster paper origami bookmark
4. Unfold it to the triangle and fold one flap of the center corner down to the bottom piece of paper

paper origami monster bookmark
5. Refold the left corner to the center corner and tuck it in the pocket

6. Do the same thing as step number 5 with the right corner of the paper

Monster bookmark
7. Enjoy your paper origami bookmark :)

This is a fun, quick and frugal craft you can do with your kids anytime. For this paper origami monster bookmark craft, once it is complete you can glue some googly eyes on top and make some silly monster teeth at the bottom. This will make it look like the monster is trying to eat the book. The sky is the limit with all the different kinds of faces you can make with the basics of just the paper origami bookmark. Leave me a comment if you make any little monsters for yourself. 


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