Homemade Ginger Lemonade Drink Recipe

I cannot think of anything better on a hot summer day than an refreshing ice cold glass of lemonade. Lemonade is one drink all of my kids love no matter what time of year. If you have never made fresh squeezed lemonade, then you have to try to make this homemade ginger lemonade. It won’t […]

How to Melt Homemade Crayons in the Sun

School is out and my kindergartener has brought home a box full of broken crayons. We usually just dump them in another box of broken crayons for him to create his colorful¬†masterpieces. The small broken crayons never really get used, since no one can actually hold them. Not even his small little hands can hold […]

Birthday Giveaway

It’s my birthday and I wanted to celebrate with all of you, so I am offering an Amazon gift card. Now you can buy a little special something for yourself or someone else. Who doesn’t like free money right? I have a friend Holly who is celebrating with me.¬†   Holly writes at 504 Main. […]